Economic Growth

P1 Motor Club will contribute significantly to the local economy through job creation, business opportunities, and property tax revenues without burdening local schools or other county resources.

  • Est. $200 million investment over five years
  • Low housing density (limited to 125) expected to be secondary residences & limited to club members
  • Little to no additional burden on schools

Talent Development & Industry Support

The resort will nurture talent development by providing aspiring racers, engineers, mechanics, and hospitality associates with a platform to hone their skills and connect with industry professionals. By attracting motorsports businesses, the project will foster collaboration, innovation, and growth within the industry.

  • 126 full-time equivalent jobs expected
  • R&D Park aligned with county targeted industries
  • 90% of hired employees anticipated to be county residents
Vehicle technician
Photo courtesy of Monticello Motor Club
Photo courtesy of Monticello Motor Club
Photo courtesy of Monticello Motor Club
Photo courtesy of Monticello Motor Club

Community Engagement

The motorsports resort will cultivate a vibrant community atmosphere, bringing together enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Special events and social gatherings will provide opportunities for networking, learning, sharing experiences, and creating a strong sense of belonging.

  • Will employ interns from county high schools & Indian River State College
  • St. Lucie County-based businesses prioritized for purchase of goods & services