Photo Courtesy of Monticello Motor Club

P1 Motor Club Racetracks

P1 Circuit

4.5 Miles

The P1 Circuit, reserved primarily for P1MC members, features over 4.5 miles of race-grade asphalt with three different configurations, two of which can operate simultaneously. The P1 Circuit was refined by world-recognized experts, but designed with input from real drivers - dozens of gentleman and pro drivers who enumerated their preferred tracks worldwide and favorite sections. We assembled these signature elements into an extraordinary monster circuit.

Treasure Coast Circuit

3.2 Miles

The Treasure Coast Circuit will be open to race teams, track day drivers, manufacturers, and driving schools, while also playing host to special P1MC member days. The circuit will provide a versatile track layout suitable for a range of motorsports disciplines, and will prioritize safety, accessibility, and spectator experience.

P1 Karting Circuit

1.2 Miles

Ideal for beginners, young racers, and karting enthusiasts, the P1 Karting Circuit has been designed in line with the modern standard for karting competition of the highest level, providing the perfect grassroots venue for training future world championship-level drivers.

Polaris RZR racing in dirt

Off-Road Circuit

P1 Motor Club’s mixed-surface Off-Road Circuit is ideally suited for P1MC members and guests to safely test the limits of your more rugged toys, including SUVs, trucks, cross karts, rally cars, and more - all under the guidance of P1MC’s seasoned off-road coaches. P1MC members can bring their own off-road vehicle to test its capabilities, or choose one from P1MC’s expansive off-road rental fleet.

P1MC members and guests will have access to off-road training programs, various off-road race series, private locker rooms with showers (off-roading can get messy!), onsite storage, and maintenance and repairs for their personal vehicles.